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Clubs and Activities

Announcer Leaders

Grade 4 to 6 students interested in leadership can volunteer for a role to lead assemblies and make school announcements. 


Q.A. Choir begins the first week of October and is open to students from Grades 3-6.  The Choir meets during lunch once a week and performs at Assemblies, Christmas Concerts and within the community.  Students sign a commitment form to be involved and have an option for Term 1 Choir (October to December), Term 2 Choir (January to May) or for the full year. 

Intramural Sports

Intramurals is a leadership opportunity for Grade 3 students to plan cooperative games for Division 1 Intramurals with the support of teachers.  

Old Scona High School Student Volunteers 

Due to COVID 19 - students were not able to volunteer as student cohorting would be impacted.  We hope to welcome our highschool volunteers in the near future! Old Scona students volunteers support our students once a week with literacy and numberacy.   Every class has High School volunteers!

Popcorn Days

A pre-COVID 19 tradition:  With the support of our Parent Community on a monthly basis, our students are able to purchase bags of popcorn during the lunch recess.  The Parent Association uses the proceeds of the popcorn sales to support the school community by paying the transportation costs for field trips.  

Royal Readers Club

Royal Readers is our home reading program where students hand in completed reading cards which moves their Royal Reading Knight to the next castle! 

Running Club

Running Club is active from October until May.  It is open to grades 3-6 and will meet once per week doing all kinds of fun running activities.

In conjunction with this club, a Running Team will be developed to enter into the Edmonton Journal Indoor Games in March.  The Running Team is open to grades 4-6 and will run from October to March.

Skiing at Snow Valley

Our Division 2 students participate in an annual field trip of skiing and snowboarding at Snow Valley.

Spirit Days

Approximately each month, our students participate in different spirit days for example Career Day and dressing up as your favourite story book character.  

Tribe Groups

At the start of each year, our Logos Christian students are put into one of twelve different tribe groups which are based on the 12 Tribes of Israel from the Old Testament of the Bible.  Students from each grade level are placed in a tribe, with the purpose of building a community within the school that extends beyond their classrooms and age grouping.  Throughout the year, tribe groups will gather and complete an art project or celebratory activity together.  

100th Day of School 

Every year, our Division 1 students celebrate their 100th day of being in school by doing an activity with their classroom teacher. 


Assemblies and Chapels

Assemblies promote school spirit and a sense of “family”.  They occur monthly with a focus on different classrooms sharing their learning about the brain and their MindUp and Zones of Regulation strategies.  In addition, student recipients receive Inspirational Certificates from their teachers that recognize students who demonstrate acts of kindness, school improvements and/or personal growth and perseverance towards learning.

Chapels provide a special opportunity for our Logos Christian students and staff to gather together for praise and worship.  These occur throughout the year in accordance with Christian calendar.

Parents and family members are welcome to attend our Assemblies and Chapels.