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Parent Groups



Our School Council and Parents' Association invites you to join them for their meetings held once a month at Queen Alexandra School.  

Statement of Objectives:

1. Support the school and the school council by fundraising to provide items that directly benefit the students.

2. Support the educational needs of both the students and the parents.

3. Contribute to an environment in which students can learn through various methods that will enhance student development. When in the Logos Christian Program, the student development is consistent with Christian values.

4. Provide volunteers to assist the school and the school council when needed.

5. Advocate for continuous education for all students.


Queen Alexandra Logos Christian Parent

 "The biblical teaching, devotions, holiday celebrations, and music are excellent at Queen Alexandra.  Sometimes they learn more about Jesus at school than at church.  This all works together to provide reasons for our purpose, the greatness of God, and how we treat others."



Once a week, any parents who wish are invited to gather in the lunchroom to pray for the students and staff of the school.  There is a prayer box located in the main office for students, staff, and parents if they wish to make particular prayer requests.