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Clubs and Activities


Q.A. Choir begins the first week of October and is open to students from Grades 3-6.  The Choir meets Thursday at lunch and performs at Assemblies, Christmas Concerts and within the community.  The first commitment will be up to Christmas and then there will be a new commitment for the remainder of the school year.

Running Club

Running Club is active from October until May.  It is open to grades 3-6 and will meet once per week doing all kinds of fun running activities.

In conjunction with this club, a Running Team will be developed to enter into the Edmonton Journal Indoor Games in March.  The Running Team is open to grades 4-6 and will run from October to March.

Announcer Leaders

Senior students interested in a leadership role can apply for a position on the team that provides morning announcements. Students not only engage in the school culture, but are able to develop their confidence and skills in public speaking.


Assemblies and Chapels

Assemblies promote school spirit and a sense of “family”.  They occur monthly with a focus on learning different character traits and recognizing students who demonstrate exemplary attitudes towards their academic growth.

Chapels provide a special opportunity for students and staff to gather together for praise and worship.  These occur throughout the year in accordance with Christian calendar.

Parents and family members are welcome to attend our Assemblies and Chapels.